McDonalds Supplier, OSI Group, Now Co-Produces Impossible Foods’ Plant-Based Impossible Burger

Burger Alternatives

O.K. you everyone loves burgers right? Well, not everyone, but everyone likes a burger to look like a burger and taste like a burger, though it is not a burger. Sound like a paradox? Well, Redwood City startup, Impossible Foods (2007) askes the same questions and thought it would be nice to have a burger that gave all the protein and other healthy nutrients of a burger, bled like a burger, and tastes like a burger, but was healthier because it was plant-based.

Momofuku Nishi Debut

In 2016 they launched their Impossible Burger at David Chang’s Momofuku Niishin Restaurant in downtown New York to then lauded reviews. The hunger for a good burger will never die, but the door for alternative has grown extremely high in recent years. Impossible Burger’ breakthrough has opened doors for a vegan alternative as well as an opportunity for meat purveyors who like variety in their life. Impossible Foods has other plant-based products in the production pipeline for the future like fish and steak. Already they had produced a plant-based sausage for Pizza chain Littel Ceasar, which in on their menu at 58 selected restaurants. To know more about David McDonald, visit their website at

The Ripple Effect of the Impossible Burger

Soon something like a vegan tremor caused the entire vegan community to cause a landslide of interest, presumably because the Vegan community was ready for such a turnover of the beef industry or just wanted to get behind a healthy alternative to beef burgers. McDonalds supplier of choice, since 1955, chosen by Ray Kroc himself at the beginning of its franchise boom, OSI Group has recently entered into a co-production agreement with the Impossible Burger inventors Impossible Foods.

Build it and Impossible Burger Fans will Come

For the McDonalds supplier to pull this off it decided to manufacture a replica of Impossible Food’ 68,000 square foot production facility in Oakland to co-produce the Impossible Burger at their Chicago Plant. The Chicago Plant will be the place where Impossible Foods Staff will enter the high-security system daily to produce the Impossible Burger. OSI Group is on the cutting edge of the packing industry now over a 100 years being the leader of quality and performance, located in 17 countries, with 65 international locations and 20,000 employees it was Impossible Food choice as its co-producer for its Impossible Burger and recently entered into that co-manufacturing agreement with OSI.