Michael Nierenberg Leads NRIC To Greater Heights

When it comes to real estate investments, the intrigues of ownership stand in the way of numerous investors. American business owners have slowly been giving up on the idea of outright ownerships. The introduction of real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the sector may just be the answer. The New Residential Investment Corp. (NRIC) is one of the few trusts looking to bring to life the dreams of home and business owners.

As their name suggests, real estate investment trusts are known to operate real estates and provide access to many consolidated assets. Investors who are well versed with the industry can make the most of assets that develop residential areas and cities. Their operations can be related to mutual fund investors with the investment assets being the major difference.

Michael Neirenberg’s firm works on a basic business model that mans real estate investments. They serve as a link between the service consumers and the investors. The US market embraced the model since its inception and great strides have been made over the years. Credible reports indicate that RIETs own an excess of $3 trillion in assets that are ever growing. This tremendous success has lured thousands of Americans who have not shied away from joining the band wagon.

Investors can choose to acquire private REITs, mortgage REITs, publicly traded equity REITs or public non-listed REITs. Michael Neirenberg mentioned that investors should take time to learn the pros and cons of all these opportunities before selecting the most suitable option. The publicly traded equity REITs form a huge bulk of the available real estate investment trusts.

Michael Neirenberg, along with his team, has worked round the clock to ensure that his firm best serves the interests of different investors. They have made residential real estate assets their main stay, and investors are reaping big. The Fortress Investment Group’s subsidiary is leveraging on their investment expertise to guarantee impeccable dividends for their clients.

New Residential Investment Corp. has a keen interest on assets that generate steady cash flows. Servicer Advances and Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights have driven them to great success. Michael Neirenberg has led the largely experienced management team for close to six years. He serves as the CEO, president, and Board Chairman of the firm.

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