Mike Baur on How to Succeed in a Business Startup

Success belongs to those who strive for it. As tough as the journey to success may be, giving up has never been an option. Nevertheless, success is achieved sequentially. To start with, you must always have an idea. Additionally, you must have an entrepreneurial spirit. With that said, having some form of guidance also comes in handy. As a result, the likes of Mike Baur have been offering insights that are relevant to company founders.


Background Data


Mike Baur is an entrepreneur. Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss startup accelerator Swiss Startup Factory. Additionally, Mike Baur also serves as a board member of the same company. As an entrepreneur based in Freiburg, Mike Baur has been supporting startups both mentally and financially. As for mental support, you may have an idea, but your idea might need various adjustments to make sure it’s perfect. When it comes to finances, it’s all about funding an idea in order to bring it to life.


Regarding startups, Mike Baur admits that behind every startup is an idea. The idea comes to you naturally, mostly depending on your environment. For instance, you may be in pursuit of a certain product, and you may realize that the products are not readily available as per your geographical location. As an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, you will realize that an opportunity has arisen. As a result, you should utilize the opportunity that has presented itself. By doing so, you will have come up with a business startup. However, to succeed through a business startup, you may need to heed to insights offered by revered entrepreneurs such as Mike Baur.


Additional Information


After identifying an opportunity, it is up to you to explore the opportunity that has presented itself. Although the fear of failure might be holding you back, you must take into account that it is very easy to reach out to people today. The advent of technology has made it easier to keep in touch. By incorporating forms of technology such as websites, reaching out to a vast population is quite easy. As a result, succeeding in a startup and reaching out to the target population has never been easier.


All in all, Mike Baur guarantees that the following tips will come in handy while handling a business startup; You should have the ability to trust (trust in yourself and your workforce), don’t cower away from failure, ignore negative energy, work hard, and adhere to the set tips from the first one to the last one.




Engaging in a business startup isn’t an easy task. However, as successful as the likes of Mike Baur may be, they also engaged in business startups. Over the years, Mike Baur has been able to garner various tips that can guarantee success in a business startup. The multiple tips have been outlined, and if you heed the insights by Mike Baur, your startup is bound to succeed either way.