Molly Kelly Endorsement by End Citizens United

End Citizens United, PAC has announced the endorsement of Molly Kelly, a Democrat in the New Hampshire governor’s race. A committee that advocates for the campaign finance reform was established in 2015, five years following the U. S Supreme Court historic ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Electoral Commission that eliminated limits on independent expenditure collective spending in federal races.

In a historic move, End Citizens United has endorsed federal offices candidates for the first time, considering it was formed on Fight for Reform, a non-federal wing. They have released other endorsed candidates alongside Molly Kelly. In the list, Molly is among the four candidates endorsed for governor positions by Fight for Reform. Other candidates are David Garcia-Arizona, Christine Hallquist-Vermont, and Ben Jealous-Maryland. Read more news about the group on The Atlantic.

Tiffany Mueller, the executive director at the End Citizens United says that despite Washington being mired in serving special interests and gridlock, state-level candidates such as Molly Kelly are taking action by conducting reform-minded campaigns. She adds that as a governor she will be able to eliminate bad influences and corporate individual interests, and help the government work for the people. She noted that PAC is proud to endorse her even as they look forward to support her victory come November.

In a statement, Molly Kelly said that she has rejected all corporate campaign donations to ensure that, she is not held captive by special interests. She also supports the abolishment of the “LLC loophole” in New Hampshire, which permits an individual to donate to state-level candidates by owning several limited liability corporations. Kelly has requested a clarification of the state laws relating to campaign funding limits, and more transparency to campaign funding. She seeks to build an independent redistricting committee that eradicates partisan gerrymandering.

So far, End Citizens United has spent close to $1 million in donations to federal offices candidates on behalf of the Democrats, according to, a Center for Responsive Politics. ECU and Fight for Reform said that the group is yet to establish a PAC at the New Hampshire Secretary of government office. He added that this was their first year in endorsing state candidates, although they are still creating the program.