Nathaniel Ru and His CEO Team Offer a Unique Spin on Salad

Nathaniel Ru, one of the CEOs of Sweetgreen, has an interesting take on how a fast food corporation should run. First, the strategy is stay close to customers in a unique way. Five times a year the company’s corporate office shuts down so that everyone can log time in the company’s restaurants.

Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain. The product for each restaurant is fresh, healthy, and local. The company now operates without a main headquarters, and its co-CEOs are bicoastal.

Nathanial Ru and his crew are also tech savvy. Thirty percent of all the company’s transactions can be accomplished through a mobile app. Technology is in their DNA. They are all graduates of Georgetown University.

As such, they all noted, in their collective opinion, that Georgetown lacked healthy eating options. the CEO trio formed the company in 2007 after graduating. They survived their first winter after students left for break. They knew then that their enterprise would be a success.

Now, their company is a $95-million darling and growing. Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru all have entrepreneur parents. They all knew that working for someone else upon graduation was not a true option. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

They started with a dream and a solid business plan. This helped when selling their business idea and attempting to raise capital.

In fact, their commitment to make their dream a reality is what sold investors. Also, it does not hurt to have the business connections that Georgetown offers.

Ru’s enterprise is all about making something sexy, that may not otherwise be sexy: salad. It is their ability to turn a salad into an entire meal.

Flavor matters, and the team constantly plays with salad combinations. Think of it as not just selling lettuce, but being able to sell lettuce in a way that defines a lifestyle, a vision, and completely unique brand.

The company is really excited about what they are able to accomplish in both the tech and mobile space as well. There is a large frontier to be explored between food and technology.

However, their initial goal was to simply offer food that is healthy, delicious, and sustainable. So far, they are accomplishing their dream.