Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Ordering Property Reports A Snap

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) unveiled their new web page that makes it easy for those in the mortgage and financial industries order online property reports. The website was developed NTC in response to concerns about title defects and the effect they have on wrongful foreclosures and the problems they cause when trying to transfer real estate assets. Accurate property records are a requirement in order to establish clear title conveyance and additionally avoiding buybacks or a mortgage holders inability to foreclose on a property.


As the leading research and document-processing provider in the United States, NTC felt it was their duty to make the process of ordering accurate property reports as easy and quick as possible. The four reports that are now available online include the Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status Report, Current Owner Report, and the Tax Status (Plus) Report. Each report is processed through automation that is overseen by staff which verifies data.


Title defects typically occur when a party lays claim to a property that they don’t actually own. Other reasons that title defects typically happen is a failure to record or file the documents correctly, previous liens haven’t been properly removed, all necessary signatures aren’t on a document, or the wording on the document isn’t in compliance with the rules in that given area.


NTC verifies all information on the real estate documents from multiple sources including most importantly county records. The way that NTC processes documents ensure that they are an accurate reflection of who owns a given property which will make the process of buying and selling homes much easier to transact.


Nationwide Title Clearing is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida and has additional offices in other states including Dallas, Texas which serves as a data center backup. As a leading provider, NTC services and documents are used by 8 of the largest 10 residential mortgage companies in the U.S. Staff at NTC are able to meet the document requirements of every county in the United States as well as fulfill their duty to protect homeowners and assist the mortgage and banking industries.


As part of its mission to fulfill the needs of the real estate market, the employees of NTC are offered continuous training that allows them to meet and exceed the market’s best practice standards. As a testament to this training, the document error rate at NTC is well below 1%.


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