Nicolas Krafft: Setting The Pace

L’Oréal Paris, which was founded in 1953 has since grown to become one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world. The company is known for its high-quality products and specializes in the beauty and fashion industry.

L’Oréal Paris held its second annual fashion and beauty show on 30th September in Central Paris. This event was done during the spring-summer 2019 Fashion Week and took place on a floating catwalk on the river Seine. It had a lineup of models and celebrities to walk the show and showcase the latest beauty, fashion looks, and jewelry from the various partners of the show. L’Oréal Paris also got an opportunity to show its commitment to making beauty and fashion products more accessible to the world. The company also had their new ambassador Marie Bochet, a Paralympic ski champion, do her first ever runway walk. The show was broadcasted in over 30 countries, and big screens were set up along the banks of the river to give tourists and passersby a chance to view the show.

Initially, the Vice President of Global Business Development and now the General Manager Pulp Riot International at L’Oréal, Nicolas Krafft has played a significant role in the business development and growth at L’Oréal Company. He has done this through exhibitions of the companies brand and products. Nicolas Krafft has also developed the company’s employees to ensure maximum success in the company. Being a Business leader, Nicolas Krafft has also taken part in the development of several hair products that are in demand in the beauty industry and helped in developing the sales department through the use of technology and social media platforms to advertise and promote L’Oréal’s products. L’Oréal Company strives for environmental sustainability and has been recognized as one of the most ethical companies and has received Global Compact Lead recognition from the United Nations.

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