Nitin Khanna – his extraordinary journey

 Nitin Khanna had very humble beginnings and now he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern time. He was born in India and he belonged to a poor family. He lived in a small village in his early childhood. He went to Purdue University later and he did major in two in two engineering subjects. After successfully completing his graduation he started his own company called Saber Software. The company was hugely successful and he later sold the company for $470 million US dollars in the year 2007. After that, Nitin joined Cura Cannabis and within some years he became the CEO of the company and with his hard work and dedication Cura Cannabis became on the largest oil-producing industries.

Nitin is very much engaged in doing social welfare. He invests time in helping non-profit organizations to help the ones in need. He is also socially very active. He owns his own nightclub in Portland and also performs as a DJ there in the night club.

Nitin did amazingly well in two sectors which are film and wine. Both of them are associated with high culture. His journey in the film industry started with the documentary “Terms and conditions may apply”. The film was a huge success in his film career and it also educated the viewers about the importance of protection of data. The film showed how the big corporations are stealing the data of the people and how we ignorantly give them permission to do so. During the installation of any software we never read the long list of terms and conditions and we just click ok and grant them access. This film was an eye-opener for the audience. It was an award-winning film that has brought Nitin huge success in his career.

The next documentary that he worked on was “What lies upstream” which again was an award-winning film. The film brought out the corruption and ignorance that the government and the giant corporation does to the normal people.

Nitin is also very successful in running his own wine brewing company called the Four handle and he often hosts glamorous wine tasting auctions.

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