Oren Frank wants everyone to access mental help

Oren Frank understands that many challenges contribute to mental health issues in the modern world. Without the right help from experienced individuals, the problem can escalate and become uncontrollable leading to depression. The best way is to seek advice from those who are experienced, and this is why Frank set himself to help others. He has the right comprehension of depression and anxiety. To help as many people as possible, Oren established TalkSpace, a company that allows people to seek help from qualified professionals. It is useful because it happens through messaging and video chat.

Oren Frank wants to improve the services offered at TalkSpace. He recently hired an expert to operate as the Chief Medical Officer. He believes working with licensed experts is essential in improving the delivery of services to those who need them. The work of the medical professional is to provide the right prescription as required by patients. Such advancements make TalkSpace a large business because it has already attracted millions of users. The trend has been on the rise since TalkSpace has become a reputable company offering some of the best services in the industry.  Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

Since it was launched, TalkSpace has helped thousands of people. Oren Frank hopes that the company will reduce the number of people with anxiety and depression in society. Frank started the app because he realized many people could not afford the services provided by professional therapists. But with TalkSpace, there is hope because the services are not costly compared to hiring a personal mental therapist. It all started as an app where people could interact and seek help for various problems, but today it has grown to become a coveted company helping thousands of people. It has been years of success for Oren Frank. Today he is happy that many people are getting help through his idea.