OSI Food Solutions Extends to Over 65 Facilities Around the World

OSI food solutions has rapidly grown into one of the largest suppliers of customized and value-added food products in the world. OSI is now in operation in more than sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. The company has over twenty thousand employees, and it is ranked as the largest privately-owned organization in the United States. It offers other food-related companies, global reputation & responsiveness, and above all, a business partner with unparalleled strength.

But has OSI been such an international juggernaut?

OSI food solutions was founded in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois, where it started as a small meat market. This food company is still connected to these humble beginnings as it is still headquartered in the same town it was started in. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder, had just arrived in the US from his native country, Germany. Two years down the line, he started his meat market. He named it Otto & Sons. Soon after, the company gained a reputation for providing high-quality meat in the local region. The company began expanding, and in the year 1955, they made some of the most vital partnerships in history. In the same year, a businessman in Illinois received franchising rights to open burger restaurants-McDonald’s.

In 1973, Otto & Sons opened the first meat plant which was designed to process huge volumes of meat products. It was based in West Chicago. They had machines which were specially designed to shape meat patties as well as freeze products through liquid nitrogen. In 1990, the company officially changed its name to OSI Industries. The letters ‘O’ and ‘S’ served as a reminder of the organization’s humble past. Since then, OSI food solutions has expanded into several countries like China and Germany. The number of retail brands and the chains of restaurants clearly show OSI’s capabilities to produce value-added products on a global scale. The company has access to the world’s food supply chain; thus, they can make superior food products to satisfy their customers’ needs and also, at fair prices.

Extraordinary Group Acquisitions rank OSI food solutions as the global food leader

Over the century, OSI food solutions has acquired joint ventures with warehouses, farms, processing plants, and several poultry processing facilities. Some of OSI food processing acquisitions are Baho Food, flagship Europe, new processing facility in the Philippines, and the purchase of a storage warehouse and food processing facility in Chicago.