Page by Page Nick Vertucci is Leading Others to Success

Everyone knows the story of Nick Vertucci, don’t they? Nick Vertucci began his business in the technology sector before the internet bubble burst. Unfortunately, like lots of companies at the time, the industry and the founder went down all at once. It was the same with Nick Vertucci’s first efforts at success. There was something different about Nick Vertucci in that he didn’t want to give up. In fact, it made him re-think, re-imagine, re-plan and start all over again. It was thru the suggestion of a friend that Nick Vertucci attended a real-estate seminar and became profoundly interested in selling real-estate. For the first ten years, he read and learned and absorbed, like a sponge, everything that others could teach him. But it was thru that long decade of learning and integrating the teachings of others into his life that he found the answer to what he had been seeking, and that was the success he wanted.


After Nick arrived a success, he could have retired. He had learned what it takes to succeed at success, and now he had another goal, and that was to put those principles he had learned into the hands of others, and that became possible thru the Nick Vertucci Academies. His present book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” tells the story of his first success and shows his readers how to apply the principles and teachings Vertucci used to teach others his way of real-estate success.


As part of the philosophy of success taught by Vertucci, he always asks his readers to see precisely what they want, believe genuinely they do it, map step by step choices they will make to chart out its journey; lastly, execute every step as it already has happened. Vertucci has practical steps for practical people who are willing to put their time into sweating so that they can enjoy the results of success.