Perry Mandera Supports The Mercy Home of Boys and Girls in Chicago

Perry Mandera, the owner of The Custom Companies, a transportation company, ix well-known for his support of the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago. In 1887, this home was established under a different name. In the late 19th century, many Chicagoan priests had become worried about how many homeless male teens there were on the streets of Chicago. Working with local residents, In 1919, the nearby residents could take vocational programs at this house (Twitter). 


In the 1930s, this house was able to outlast the Great Depression and start a sports program. Its greatest expansion was in the 1970s where it expands to span the entire city of Chicago. In the 1980s, Perry Mandera started to track their residents to see how successful they became after leaving the programs at this house. This year is their centennial anniversary and they have expanded physically to match its one hundred years of success. 


The background of this businessman is that Perry became part of the Marines after graduating high school in 1975. After leaving the Marines, he learned about transportation and then started a logistics company when he became 25. His company became one of the most successful companies in Chicago and he has used some of his money to support organizations like this home. 

Perry Mandera gives money on almost a daily basis and will probably help this institution continue for another hundred years.


He gives so much because he likes the way that they use psychologists to help children. This is one of the main factors in why he is such a big supporter of this organization. He thinks that children need role models that they can trust and respect. In the early part of 2018, he has helped this home start an environmental project for the Hay branch of this home. Residents and volunteers have helped this project by doing some gardening. AkzoNobel also helped this project by sponsoring it. The name of this project is Green Thumbs for a Greener World. So so they far, this project has rejuvenated gardening areas so they can plant flowers and vegetables.

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