Peter Briger’s Carer Profile

Peter Briger is an executive in the financial services industry. He currently works as one of the top managerial professionals at the alternative asset management firm Fortress Investment Group. Briger has also worked at Goldman Sachs for a number of years as well. At both of these firms, Peter has demonstrated his expertise and leadership abilities. With his leadership and expertise, he has been able to help both firms reach their goals and become a couple of the most successful firms in the financial services industry. His success as a financial services firm executive has allowed him to provide assistance to his local community. He regularly participates in a number of charitable causes in his spare time.

Prior to working in the financial sector, Peter Briger would attain a higher education in order to get adequate preparation for his career. Peter attended two of the top universities in the country to get his degrees. While attending college, Peter completed a business degree. This helped him get a comprehensive education on business which would help him succeed in the field of finance. With an advanced business degree, he was able to attain a position at leading financial services firms. Read this article at to know more.

Briger worked at Goldman Sachs for a number of years after completing his business degree program. When he worked at Goldman Sachs, Peter was responsible for overseeing the credit asset management division of the firm. Peter was also tasked with managing committees that were involved with the Asian markets. Over the next several years, Peter displayed valuable leadership and expertise. As a result, he would eventually become one of firm’s partners in the mid 90’s.

In 2002, Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group. Since becoming a member of this firm, Peter has provided valuable leadership and direction for the firm in terms of managing staff and providing service to clients. He has also been involved in managing key departments of the firm such as the one that handles credit asset management. Today, Peter Briger is a member of the firm’s board of directors as well as its principal and co chief executive officer.