Prada Seeks Out JD.Com for China Debut

Luxury fashion brand Prada released a statement saying the company was going to expand its goods through online channels. It’s a method that can bring what they sell to a whole new market, and will be there to assist in moving out to Chinese markrts. Fashion items from the main label, and those from smaller companies within the Prada Group, will soon be available through the Prada Group’s flagship store on by June 17, 2019. The announcement was mad e during’s famous 618 sale festival. Chinese consumers will find that there’s a whole list of previously rare its made available to them. Prada is starting out by debuting their fall and winter collection. Miu Miu and Car Shoe, both of which are Prada Group labels, will be showcased when the store goes public.

Why head out to China now? Prada has been focused on an online initiative in recent years and it’s paid off for the main brand, giving online sales a double-digit boost in 2018. With that success, the company wants the same effect reflected across the group. With as a partner, the Prada Group sees an in with Chinese consumers, and hopefully a chance to expand across the group. Kevin Jiang, head of JD Fashion and Lifestyle’s International Business, is excited about the brand finding a home in China. Jiang has long regarded Prada as a high-end fashion label, appealing to a distinguishing consumer that seeks luxury as a lifestyle. Beyond appealing to a certain client base, Jiang also sees Prada’s move as evidence that continues to be recognized as the premiere location in China for international brands to make their debut to this market.

About JD.Com is China’s largest retailer. More than 300 million regular customers use their online platform to access high-end consumer goods, supporting Chinese businesses and giving international products a chance to succeed in a highly competitive environment. relies on a sprawling logistics network to provide accuracy in delivering purchases to consumers before their competitors. A business built on technology has made this the first choice for Chinese consumers to access only the best products in the country.