Prepare to Buy Biotech Stocks, Says Paul Mampilly

If you are an average investor who is interested in making the right investment decisions, then you should consider following the advice of one of the investment gurus in American Mr. Paul Mampilly. He frequently offers information to the average investors about some extraordinary opportunities that can attract huge profits. One of the industries that he considers profitable at the moment is biotechnology.

Paul Mampilly holds a special place in Wall Street. For two decades, he worked with various financial organizations based in Wall Street. His career started in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. His success at Bankers Trust made him advance quickly to other organizations such as Deutsche Bank and ING where he was put in charge of accounts worth millions of dollars.

In 2006, Paul Mampilly rose again after Kinetics Asset Management hired him as the hedge fund manager. It is in this organization where he proved his abilities since he helped the company to improve its network from $6 billion to 25 billion. It was even named as the world’s best hedge fund after returning an annual percentage rate of 26 percent.

In 2008, Paul Mampilly was part of the participants in the Templeton Foundation competition. This prestigious investment competition brought together the best traders in Wall Street where each one of them was given a $50 million account to manage. The competition lasted one year and would see the trader with the highest return declared the winner. Paul won the competition after making 76 percent return. To confirm his abilities, he made this return at a time when there was a global financial crisis.

Paul Mampilly is advising investors to look for opportunities in the biotechnology industry. He believes that a lot has been happening behind the scenes and now this just a matter of time before the rally begins. Paul has a reputation of spotting opportunities way before they happen and this could actually turn out to be one such prediction that he has made. In the past two years, biotech stocks have been moving slowly, creating an opportunity for investors to invest as they wait for the major move.