Prevagen’s Tips On Keeping Your Brain Healthy As You Age

There is no denying or escaping the fact that as we age we start feeling the age that comes.

Our bodies start to get tired, we are not as fast as we once were, and once we hit forty most of us start to feel extra aches and pains go throughout our bodies as we try to get up and move.

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What most of us do not think about is the fact that as our bodies age, our brains start to age as well.

Our cognitive functions start to go down, our memories aren’t what they used to be, and it can start getting difficult to recall information that we need. Thanks to Prevagen, we have a few great tips that help us keep our minds sharp and at the top of their game so that we can age with grace.

  1. Exercise regularly and often

Exercise is vital to being healthy. It helps increase our endurance, keeps our muscles strong as we age, keeps our hearts pumping regularly, our blood pressure and blood sugar in healthy normal ranges.

There are so many physical benefits to getting your exercise in, but did you know that exercise also increases your mental health?

Exercising promotes more oxygen and blood flow to the brain which creates more blood vessels in the part of the brain that is responsible for thought meaning you can make clearer, better thoughts every day, and it makes more connections between each brain cells which helps keep you sharp and focused.

  1. Get enough sleep

There is a reason that everyone gets tired at the end of a long day at work or play. We get tired because we need to sleep in order to survive.

Sleep helps us do a soft reset on the day and gives our bodies a chance to relax and restore themselves before a new day begins. But sleep is also a vital part of staying mentally healthy.

Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to mental illness, can cause you to be unable to think clearly or make fully formed memories, and can even lead to dementia.

Moderate how much alcohol you consume

Alcoholic beverages like red wine in moderation can actually promote heart and brain health which is great for alcohol lovers.

However, too much alcohol can impair your ability to think and can cause permanent damage to the part of the brain that is responsible for holding your memories and reasoning abilities.

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If you choose to drink it is important to do so in moderation so as to avoid long-term brain damage. One drink a day for women that are not pregnant or nursing and two drinks a day for men is a safe, healthy amount to consume.

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