Privinvest Shipyards Build Most Advanced Seagoing Vessels In the World

For 68 years CMN has been building ships for the navies of the world. Located in Cherbourg, France, the shipbuilder has served 38 navies and is widely considered by industry observers to be among the most advanced and technologically enabled companies of its kind globally.

CMN is part of the Privinvest Shipbuilding Group, established some 20 years ago by Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram Safa. Privinvest is headquartered in the Middle East and maintains shipyards in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Mediterranean locations. It employs about 2,500 people worldwide.

In addition to CMN, the Privinvest family consists of German Naval Yards Kiel, Nobiskrug, Lindenau and Isherwoods.

The plant in Cherbourg has completed more than 700 vessels that have set the standard for technologically advanced design and innovation in the way aluminum, steel and composite materials are employed in the engineering and design of 21st Century ships.

CMN handles ships up to 95 meters. That includes Combattante, Vigilante, Interceptors, Trimaran and Corvette models. A Trimaran is a multihull boat composed of a primary hull and two outrigger hulls. Most ships of this class are used for recreation or racing, but CMN builds ships of this design for use in maritime surveillance. CMN is considered a world leader in the construction of surface combatant vessels.

Companies operating under the Privinvest group produce three basic classes of ships – military, superyachts and commercial vessels. But Privinvest is increasingly involved in the construction of items that are ancillary to maritime activities, especially where it intersects with environmental and energy issues.

For example, Privinvest is deeply involved in the construction of hydrokinetic power generators as well as products in the turbine sector. The company is also on the cutting edge of developing state of the art communications systems that operate over wide frequency ranges and at multiple power levels.