Raffaele Riva

In status-quo where almost all the industries are subjected to a cut-throat competition due to increased awareness, investment sector to is a focal point in this. The increasing trend of entrepreneurship and startups has made it all the more relevant for smooth investment activities to take place. Amidst this chaos, very few angel investors have emerged successful and made their mark in the industry. Raffaele Riva is one such investor, who has proven his worth in both London and New York, top financial hubs of the world.

Raffaele’s profile carries an extensive set of educational and work background. Born and bred British, Riva holds numerous degrees from there with the most prominent one being an MBA from the Said School of Business at the University of Oxford. Ever since then, his career and achievements have been a huge testament to the knowledge and expertise he possesses. Whilst talking to Raffaele, we found out some pretty exciting details of his life. He is a firm believer in the “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. Since almost 15 years he wakes up early to start his day with a morning walk and get done with as much work as possible. The reason why he stuck to this routine and does not get bored with the monotony is because of how influential his work is for numerous businesses. Raffaele puts in a conscious effort to maintain his work-life balance and building on that practice’s meditation on a daily basis. His inquisitive nature helps him solve the problems that come his way which are plenty given the nature of his work and risks involved. Digital currency is the novice notion that interests Raffaele so we won’t be surprised if he taps into this industry as well.

While his entire life is an example for budding businessmen, he highly recommends his followers to give Kiyosaki’s Rich/Poor a read.