Renew Youth Reveals The Impact of Alcohol on Weight Gain

The Weekly Opinion website recently published an article titled “Renew Youth Weighs In: Why Drinking Alcohol Can Make Menopausal Weight Gain Worse.” Anthony Vega wrote the article to describe how the company has discovered the way alcohol consumption impacts weight gain for the menopausal women. Many women are confused by their weight gain when they go through menopause particularly because they often don’t change the way they eat or exercise.

However, Renew Youth reveals that the difference is in their metabolism and hormones. During menopause there is a decrease in hormones like estrogen and testosterone, making it more difficult to build muscle and encouraging the body to store fat rather than burn it. Low thyroid may cause the metabolism to slow while stress hormones like cortisol encourage the body to maintain and store calories. However, effects of alcohol during this time may create an even slower metabolism that is more prone to storing fat than burning it. The alcohol changes the way the body responds to glucose. Glucose is the cells that fuel your energy that is gained from food or stored in the liver.

The percentage of glucose in the blood can provide insight into how much will be stored as fat and how much will be burned. Typically, hormones will keep your insulin levels even, creating a balanced amount of glucose in the blood. Drinking alcohol can disrupt the metabolic process because it interferes with the sources of glucose and changes the levels of hormones that are meant to regulate it. The alcohol causes metabolism to become chaotic because it acts as a poison to the body. It can’t be stored like other forms of fuel and has no nutritional value. This causes the body to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The alcohol takes priority in the metabolic process over healthy functions like maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.