Richard Liu is a successful venture capitalist whose story is worth discussing. His story should help inspire many individuals struggling to find career identities. Richard is one of the very few individuals who dedicated himself to pursue a career in the medical profession but later deciding to become a risk taker and pursue a career in business administration where he became an even more successful business venture capitalist. Born in New Hampshire, Richard surrounded himself with parents who were successful medical professionals. Richard’s mom was an accomplished dentist while his father was a prominent ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. In this article, we will discuss his career highlights and how he was able to successfully make the transition from one field to another. This is a recap of an article from

Richard Liu attended Harvard School of Dentistry and soon after practiced dentistry in New Hampshire. In addition to practicing dentistry, Liu became a part-time lecturer at Harvard University. At around the same time he was practicing dentistry, Liu kept up with the business industry and eventually educated himself in business to the point of attending MIT and earning his master’s degree in business administration. After graduating from MIT, Richard pursued a career with CRT Capital where he was a business analyst and soon after, he began working for FTV Capital. Richard later launched his own company, Morningside Venture Capital. His company focuses on acquiring start-ups in many types of business classes and Liu has been at the forefront of steering his company to the tune of just under $2 billion in investments. Amazing!

Liu successful tenure as a business venture capitalist has been attributed to his early success as a medical professional. His story is truly inspirational to those who seek to change their career paths.

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