Robert Deignan: A Gutsy Tekk

Robert Deignan always held his sights on managing his own business. It didn’t take him too long after starting his career to sieze the opportunity.

Born and raised in Florida, he completed his Baccalaureate of Sciences degree at Purdue University with the concentration in Organizational Leadership. He afforded his undergraduate education via a full football scholarship. He spent some years playing professional football for NFL teams right out of the college gate. Still feeling the desire to be his own boss, he left the playing field and started his own Company, Fanlink. His next career move was to gain more experience and knowledge regarding the connection between technology consumers and providers. He worked at iS3 rising to the level of Executive Vice President. During his tenure there he encountered situations wherein they were unable to assist clients because of a malware bug preventing the required interface. He constructed a resolution.

Over time, Robert Deignan was able to secure the new development and in 2011 founded his next Company, ATS Digital Services, around its capabilities. The Company is also known as Advanced Technological Services. The software he developed allows his technicians to accept permissions from customers to remotely access their digital doodads to effect the necessary changes to fix them. But that’s just the start.

Recognizing the landscape of technology services, Robert Deignan realized the degree to which consumers had become utterly disenchanted with customer support agencies for technological equipment. Consequently, he decided to ensure that every question regarding digital services could be addressed thorough, accurate, remote and pleasantly by a team of professionals like unto himself that mimics his passion for helping others conquer their technology based companions.

Robert Deignan serves as the CEO of ATS Digital Services and realizes how much we depend on our devices working dependably. He takes great pride in offering his customers expert guidance for all new technological developments as well. AppEsteem recognizes the distinguished efforts and achievements of the Company. It is the only Company of its kind that AppEsteem has found worthy to receive its 39 point certification.

When he’s not impressing customers on the digital front, you may find Robert Deignan somewhere along the Florida waterways reeling in award winning sized fish. It’s all an aspect of living a well rounded life, he explains. In addition to designating time for leisure activities with family and friends, he suggests three other keys for successful living. 1. Rise early and exercise regularly. 2. Analyze the numbers regarding a decision. 3. Follow your gut instinct. So far this combination has served him well.