Rocketship Education is a Charter School with a Proven Track Record

Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools has been around since 2006. Over the years, this charter school system has been incorporated within select communities around the nation. The original Rocketship Education school was set up in California and since that time it has become one of the most successful educational charter organizations within the U.S. Sometimes Rocketship is simply known as R.

The thing about Rocketship Education is that the school delivers. The original Rocketship was created to provide low-income people with a better education for their students. R schools are usually established inside of lower-income or impoverished communities where a good quality education is hard to receive. To be fair, not all low-income communities have this problem with education. That would be a lie to say that they do. However, most schools in poverty ridden neighborhoods are not committed to or are able to help poorer students to become academically successful.

Students at R are also prepared in a number of ways to be high achievers. First, they are provided with personalized instruction that fits their style of learning. Next, their talent is developed through different ways. Parental involvement is also key to the success of the pupils in attendance.

The school also has a lot of values that it utilizes as a guidance for educating their youth. Grades K – 5 are also served at R schools. Students at R charter schools are not only trained academically, they are also instructed about other factors that are important to life. Things such as proper nutrition, exercise, how to improve their personal skills and how to function in life and within society are also given as instruction.

Children at Rocketship Education are given the best education possible that builds them up as people. Ultimately, Rocketship Education prepares students for college and for life. They have a proven track record for success that is going to help keep them around for a very long time.

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