Rodrigo Terpins Balances Professional Racing With life As An Entrepreneur

Rodrigo Terpins was born in Sao Paulo in 1973 to a family that had always shown extensive success in the world of professional competition. His older brother Michel had made it as a professional rally car driver and his father, Jack, had become one of Brazil’s professional basketball players and he is even still in tune with the sport to this day. Being born into such a competitive family meant that Rodrigo was always going to be held to high standards and, to this point in time, he has exceeded them. As a member of the Bull Sertoes rally driving team, he had taken 3rd place in the Sertoes Rally, which aired over Facebook, alongside his navigator Fabricio Bianchini. Their work garnered national attention and while Rodrigo Terpins appreciated the results, his focus continues to be on expanding life outside of the circular track.


For Rodrigo Terpins, life is all about going fast. Not just on the race track and not always in cars, Terpins focuses on keeping his speed up so that he can accommodate all of the business needs that are required in his new life as an entrepreneur. Sitting down and talking with Terpins for more than a couple of minutes will reveal a sharp mind that is focused on a variety of different industries. Terpins already has his hands on a sustainable wood production company known as Floresvale and he is considering moving into another form of sustainable growth with medical marijuana, though he admits that this is a subject for another time.  You can checkout


While Terpins loves to work hard and go fast, he also understands the value in slowing down and focusing on the important things in life. Terpins recalls that the best $100 he has spent in recent memory was on a day out with his son getting nice haircuts and buying stickers from the World Cup. Terpins knows that there is a lot of work to do, but he also knows that it is important to slow down and remember what exactly it is that you are working for. With this kind of mindset, Terpins seems destined for success. To see more you can visit