Ronald Fowlkes: Loving Father, Gulf War Veteran and True American Hero

The United States Marines are one of the most respected units in the American military. They are responsible for high-risk missions, tactical engagements and include some of the most disciplined and dedicated men on the planet. A former member of the marines is none other than Ronald Fowlkes. He joined the marines in 1989, and pursued a career that had anything to do with law enforcement. Ronald has served his country his entire life and continues to do so to this day.


Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement and Commercial products department situated in St. Luis, Missouri. When he is not managing his 150 subordinates you can find him coaching his sons hockey team. Ronald is a dedicated father, war veteran and an American patriot.


Ronald completed his marine training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry and served during the First Gulf War. Due to his excellent leadership qualities and dedication to protecting others, Ronald was promoted twice during his tour of duty. He along with hundreds of thousands of other American soldiers took part in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. After returning from the war, Ronald was eager to do more for his comrades and friends who were “over there.” Ronald Fowlkes decided to join the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). JIEDDO had multiple contracts with the United States Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ronald and other JIEDDO employees traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan and worked close to enemy lines ahead of advancing American and European troupes. There main purpose was to discover and disarm enemy IED’s and potential bomb threats before friendly vehicles and soldiers arrived in the area. JIEDDO also trains military personnel how to identify and disarm hidden IED’s using special technology and skills.


When Ronald returned from his duties with JIEDDO his passion was to serve his country and protect his friends and family so he decided to join the St. Luis Metropolitan Police Department. Ronald served with the department for 10 years before joining the St. Luis County Police where he served for 3 more years. During his law enforcement days he became a certified SWAT instructor and was a team leader for the police department’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). The HRT team took part in over 250 high-risk engagements every year Ronald was in charge.


Ronald used his experience as a police officer, SWAT instructor and JIEDDO employee and implemented them on his newest adventure at Eagle Industries. Eagle Industries Unlimited manufactures high quality tactical and outdoor gear for everyone from the U.S. government to hunters and police officers. In 2008, Ronald joined Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. His duties include training employees to use new Eagle Industries products and developing new products that are more functional and efficient.