Russell Gimelstob Perfecting Excellence


Excellence takes hard work and dedication. One must be dedicated to being better than they were the day before. Using failure as a lesson and a stepping stone for a better future is how excellence is forged through difficulty. No one understands this better than Russell Gimelstob.

Russell Gimelstob’s accomplishments were not easy to reach, but he never gave up and made it to each and every goal. One major achievement was when Newark Academy bestowed him with their Athletic Hall of Fame Award. This award is one that recognizes exceptional sportsmanship, accomplishment, and leadership. Russell Gimelstob was the captain of his tennis team in 1995, 1996, and 1997. Visit This Page to learn more.

His tennis teams were champions not only for his entire high school career, but also in his collegiate days. For four years at Cornell university Russell Gimelstob excelled in not just his academics, but also in his athletic pursuits. He served as the captain of his Cornell tennis team in his senior year. For four years he was considered one of the best in both single and double competition.

This honed talent for excellence then poured out into his professional life. In 2003 he joined Dune. He excelled in his position that he remained in for more than 12 years. He rose through the ranks to become a partner in 2013, and then the head of acquisitions in 2017.

Before his work at Dune Russell Gimelstob spent two years with Goldman Sachs as an Analyst. Between 2092 and 2003 he worked in trading learning the ropes and perfecting his craft. His pursuit of being his best version of himself also overflowed into his academics. In 2001 he received a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. He was bestowed with distinction at graduation.

Russell Gimelstob also excelled in his NOW in 2002 from Cornell. He has a long record of striving to perform at his peak. Excellence is not something he must tarry hard to do, or it at least looks that way. Excellence is something that finds Gimelstob at every juncture.Click Here to follow him on Instagram.


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