Securus Technologies Ensuring Correctional Agencies Have Necessary Means to Keep Correctional Institutions Safe and Secure

Prisons are designed to contain the criminals so that they cannot cause trouble to others. But the prisons are far from perfect. Even after having robust security at the place, the inmates can smuggle cell phones, cigarettes, and even drugs with ease. While these can be stopped with great security features, the task for the prison security officials has become more complicated with the increase in the use of the drone technology to smuggle things inside. These smuggled phones can lead to severe consequences as the inmates can run an illegal business from inside the prison and get the power they want over other inmates.


Most of the phones being smuggled inside are through the corrupt guards or the visitors, but the drones have made the task of smuggling phones much easier. Drones have become much more accessible and cost effective that has led to criminals making use of them to make illegal drop-offs. Sometimes, even wire cutters have been dropped using drones that have led to many escape attempts by the prisoners. Even after installing higher netting and fencing, the drone technology has allowed the criminals to invade the prison premises with great ease. Thus, there is a greater need for a proactive system that would help detect these drones and help locate them before they do any damage.


If the drones are not detected and stopped from entering the correctional institutions, then one can be sure that the flow of contraband inside the prisons would continue to increase with time. The contraband phones’ use has been stopped in many of the correctional facilities served by Securus Technologies with the use of wireless containment system. It is a system that has helped in reducing drastically the use of contraband phones inside the prison. Over 1.7 million illegal communications the law enforcement agencies were able to stop in the correctional facilities where the wireless containment solution was installed.


Similarly, even though the drone detection technology is currently in the testing phase and the company has launched its pilot program, Securus Technologies is confident that the technology would continue to grow and improve with time. It is essential for such criminal justice technology to be installed in the correctional facilities these days if the crime needs to be controlled. There are many different correctional facilities that are planning to install the drone detection as well as the wireless containment system in the near future. It is what would help in ensuring that the inmates are not able to use illegal means to communicate or find ways to receive contraband items. Securus Technologies has been in the news lately for also winning the Gold Stevie Awards in 2018 for exemplary customer service.