Serge Belamant And The Beginnings Of Blockchain Technology

Throughout human history, there have been people who have the gift to go above and beyond to make new innovating discoveries. Sometimes, these discoveries go on to change the way people do things on a grand scale, think cell phones and the internet. Serge Belamant is one such man who has contributed to a discovery that is changing the very way people use money and perform transactions around the world. This discovery was blockchain technology, which has opened up the doors for cryptocurrencies and digital transactions on a global scale.

Blockchain technology is not the kind of invention that brought Serge Belamant a great deal of attention compared to other figures like Steve Jobs, create of iPhone. That being said, his discovery was no less important for the development of the future. Blockchain technology has opened up the doors for people to use digital money anywhere in the world with the security to keep their money safe.

The technology that Serge Belamant developed is one that many people have yet to become familiar with or even understand how it works, especially outside of the financial industry and the digital changes that are taking it over. Blockchain technology is basically a security measure that links a series of records together using something known as cryptography. Each of these linked records that are a part of the blockchain carries transaction data and a timestamp, essentially making data easy to read, but difficult to alter in any way.

Serge Belamant was originally born in France and moved to South Africa when he was just a teenager. This move made the earlier years of Serge’s life a bit difficult, changing his entire setting, culture, and having to learn a new language in order to communicate effectively with everyone around him. Perhaps, it was overcoming these challenges when he was young that drove Serge to be persistent enough to start his own company, Net1 Technologies, despite not being able to finish his university degree. In the end, it paid off for Serge and the entire financial industry that is now making use of these blockchain technologies.

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