Serge Belamant Career Path to Who He Is Right Now

In the blockchain technology field, Serge Belamant is considered the patent holder, and another thing he is French-born. When he was born, they first lived in Tulle which is a city in French, but the family moved to South Africa as the age of 14. He attended the Johannesburg Witwatersrand University where received the needed training to attain his degree in computer sciences and technology.

Through his career path he has had the opportunity of working with various companies, and in different fields. Over the years he has developed a skill and passion in coding digital financial transaction software, which is the reason for the reputation he has gained over the years. Along his career path, Serge Belamant took place in creating technology success that has been of significant impact in the financial banking system and the banking industry as a whole.

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Serge Belamant first founded his company in 1989. The company dealt with offering services of UEPS creation, and it created the universal payment system. Serge is the one that developed the electronic payment system, and in 1995 VISA asked if he would be interested in designing the offline pre-authorized card. Today, commonly referred to as chip-enabled credit and debit cards. They are used over the world, something that makes Serge happy.

Before founding his company, he offered his services at Net1 to invent the digital payment system. The system was going to be used to transfer the grants and welfare funds in South Africa, to people all over the world that needed the funds. Currently, the system founded by Serge Belamant with the help of Net1 Company is useful in different parts of the country in Iraq and Russia.

Recently, Serge came up with Zilch Technologies a company located in the UK. Also, he a board member at the Prism Group Holdings. At the Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions in their board of advisors, he offers his services as a member. The one thing that has been of help in the career of Serge to be successful is the word of mouth, and he makes good of it in marketing. The online is something that people use, and it can be used to break or build a business.

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