Serge Belamant- Creative Digital Payment Software Developer and Founder of Zilch Tech Company

Serge Belamant is a co-founder of block chain technologies. His home town is in France a town known as Tule. When Serge was barely 14 years old, his father who was a tiler through trade, moved them from France to south Africa. After they moved in, he began studying computer science in Witwaterstand University South Africa.

After he was done schooling, he began working using the skills learnt from his degree. He worked in several different companies which made him gain so much extensive skills. The skills included advancing financial banking systems by use of technology. Belamant was talented in software coding and more specifically in digital financial transactions.

Later, in the year 1989, Serge began his company called Net1 UEPS technologies. Where UEPS stand for “universal electronic payments systems”. This are systems that Belamant designed for himself. In 1995, Serge in collaboration with VISA company, designed the idea of using a chip in cards which is offline and pre-authorized. This are the chips used in the today world in transactions.

Serge Belamant with his company Net1 technologies, developed a system that would facilitate payments by transferring welfare grants to the people in south Africa who were in need of it. The system became a brand and its currently not used in south Africa only, but also in other countries around the world. The company is now ranked the top company in software payment technology of all economies, be it established or emerging.

Him being an explorer in technology, he recently co-founded to form another company called Zilch Technologies in the UK (United Kingdom). In addition, he also works as a board member in both Medikredit which is a healthcare company and prism group which is an investment company. in the business advisory department. Serge Belamant says that his son Phillip helped him in idea of Zilch company. The son is an engineer in IT.

Serge Belamant is very a passionate and dependable person who has worked very hard towards technology advancement. His routine is failing to procrastinate any of his plans on daily basis. Thus it has helped him achieve the much he has.

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