Serge Belamant Has Paved The Way For Technology In The Banking Industry

There is a huge history behind how banking has changed in today’s time with the use of technology. The gold chip that is found on credit and debit cards of today took years to develop and to be brought to the market. Many people don’t know that the originator of this little gold chip is a gentleman by the name of Serge Belamant. Individuals in the banking, finance, and Technology industries consider Serge Belamant as the founding father of the blockchain. Without the innovative thinking of Mr. Belamant the banking and financial industries would not be as advanced as they are today. Serge Belamant has always challenged the banking space to accept and use new technology ever since his career first started back in South Africa. The first patent that was associated with the blockchain was actually invented by Mr. Belamant. He was able to create an encrypted ledger that interconnected all of the records as one.

The ledgers that Mr. Belamant has created contains information from timestamps, financial institutions, and merchants. The ledgers also contains the user’s identity and other personal information. The block was initially created for transparency and security financial institutions and to protect the customers personal data. Serge Belamant blockchain technology helped to protect banks against fraud and it was also used the same way in the retail sector as well. In regards to the retail sector no one can just take a person’s credit or debit card and use it without having the proper pin number along with identification. The blockchain technology that was created by Mr. Belamant is no surprise he has always led the charge when it comes to creating and inventing new technology for the financial industry. To this day, one of his greatest achievements in banking was helping the Republic of South Africa’s banking system fix the infrastructure of the countries ATM machines. He created a new infrastructure and then switched out every ATM machine in all of South Africa to new machines.

Serge Belamant has done great things over the years in the banking and financial industry. He also holds many patents for the blockchain technology. He may not be recognized in the mainstream media for his contributions but he is highly respected in the banking, financial, and technology sectors. Individuals in these industries know if it weren’t for him banking would not be where it is to this day.

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