Serge Belamant, his Qualifications, and Path to Success

The story of Serge Belamant began in Tulle in France where he was born in 1953. His father served as a skilled and experienced tiler. His family shifted to South Africa when he was fourteen years. Following the transition, he had to learn formal education in English which involves writing and reading. Upon his mastery of a different language, he got admission to the Highlands North Boys High school situated in Johannesburg. Apart from being brilliant, he was an outgoing student across his high school as he took part in different activities and became exemplary with rugby, the rest of the athletics and his school tasks. Visit

In the year 1970, he served as the house and clubs captain following the respect he had as a student. He kept excelling with his classwork that led to his acquirement of the Victor Ludorum award in 1971. A year after, he was named the Head Prefect. He also did well in Chess apart from class work and athletics. It was during the same year that he represented the Southern Transvaal alongside chess several times. He took the sixth position in the 1972’s South African Chess School Championships.

It was later in the year that Serge Belamant graduated having acquired an exemption. He joined Witwatersrand University to pursue engineering. He changed to applied mathematics in his second year. It was during the third year that he shifted to the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he pursued information systems.

As is usually the case with the startups’ technology associated with various startups, Net1 Technologies encountered a slow pace with the establishment of its customer setting. Initially, Serge Belamant kept attempting to get the banks to utilize his Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) that characterized the final utilization from the utilization associated with the little prosperity alongside FTS. The moment Serge got back to RSA, Net1 Technologies got listed successfully with regards to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Over time, Net1 Technologies kept growing with the provision of services is such countries as Botswana, Ghana, Russia, Burundi, Namibia, and Iraq. Alongside the blockchain technology, Serge Belamant’s reputation intensified alongside the Net1 Technologies expansion. Between 2003 and 2005, he focused on getting the Net1 Technologies outlined as a public firm alongside NASDAQ situated in New York. The objective became a success in 2005 after which Serge became the CEO and Chairman at Net1 Technologies.