Sergey Petrossov: A Great Flight To The Top

When a young man makes a great success in business, we are always doubtful. How did he manage to do it? Did he have any help from someone powerful? That is definitely not the Sergey Petrossov’s case. This young and successful businessman caught himself at the forefront of the private jet industry. But, he didn’t climb to the top easily or overnight…


Sergey Petrossov is one of the Forbes’s 30 under 30 stars. For the past few years, he is a well-known name in a world of private jet-business. With his innovative ideas and projects, he quickly succeeded in becoming one of the key people in the airline industry.


The beginning of the ascent

Although very young, Sergey Petrossov was not a newcomer to the business. Before he became the Founder and CEO of JetSmarter, Petrossov was a name in the IT industry. He was known for his two major projects – an online chat system for customer support, and also for the distance-learning platform for the Russian educational institutions. He also had some previous jet company experience working in Florida for a private aviation company.


When Idea Flies To You

To succeed in reaching heights in business, you have to come up with a brilliant idea. Sergey Petrossov did it! The first time he was flying in the private jet, he came up with an idea on how to overcome the old method of booking charter flights. Was that a providence? Probably not. Let’s assume he thought about it before. But, on that very flight, Sergey Petrossov came up with a plan on how to solve the problems of a bulky booking process and implement the new technologies into it.


This was a step towards achieving a dream, and JetSmarter was born.


Rising Of JetSmarter

He managed the team and invested his own capital. The team started to work on an application that connected flyers and private jet operators. JetSmarter started in 2012. Nowadays, this company works with reliable partners such as NASA, Nokia or Microsoft. The company is well-known for its experience in logistics, air traveling, and technology. A real example of how one revolutionary idea can make a revolutionary business success.