Sergey Petrossov on Taking Risks in the Business World When Young


The private travel industry might sound like something that is only reserved for those who have vast sums of money; however, Sergey Petrossov believes that he has the potential to change the way everyone looks at this industry. He is both the founder and CEO of a new company called JetSmarter. This company has the potential to completely change the way people travel. While many people have compared this company to the Uber of the travel world, Sergey Petrossov sees his company as something that is much larger. He sees this company as the culmination of all of his hard work. He knows that it can be tough to take risks during the younger years; however, he also thinks that this is the time to do exactly that.

According to Sergey Petrossov, there are many people who do their time in the corporate world waiting for someone to give them a promotion and a ticket out. Instead of playing it safe, Sergey Petrossov says that those who desire to create and run their own business should do so while they are young. These are the years when people have the energy, drive, and passion to make their dreams a reality. This is exactly what Sergey Petrossov has done with his company, JetSmarter. He serves as an example to all young businessmen who want to make their dreams of running their own company come true.


He knows that it can be hard for someone to take that first step to start their own company. He tries to do his best to support those who are looking to follow in his footsteps. As for JetSmarter, he is not done yet growing his company. He believes that one day his company may be able to price a ticket on a private jet at a level that is comparable to the commercial industry. Wouldn’t that be something to behold.

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