Sharon Prince Commits to fighting contemporary slavery

Through Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Georgian government to develop a program that will put contemporary slavery to an end. According to the government, the lack of transparency in supply chains is one of the most significant problems that they face. They say that a lot of money is lost and other vices committed because people cannot fully account for the things that take place during the supply process.

Developing the model

Sharon Prince is tasked with developing a set of standards and practices that will promote transparency in supply chains. These standards will focus on sealing the loopholes that suppliers use to commit vices. According to the government, Grace Farms is expected to study the way gods are procured so that they identify where the problem lies. They are them supposed to devise the best way to avoid those problems.

Educating other countries

Once Sharon Prince has developed the right model to increase transparency, the government of Georgia hopes to use the same product to teach other counties and organizations on how to make their supply chain better. They will be seeking to help those who are suffering because of problems that arise from supplies. For instance, they will want the countries that they trade with to follow the same standards so that there is transparency on both sides.

The selection of Sharon Prince to develop these standards is based on the understanding that the organization has been involved in many community programs. They have helped develop the best practices in various sectors, and so, the government wants to use their expertise to get rid of a problem that has been affecting its operations for many years. Grace Farms is known for its commitment to help communities that want to experience better lives by combining both traditional and modern solutions to come up with the best options.

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