Sharon Prince: Grace Farms Is An Iconic Place That Attracts Many Visitors Annually

Grace Farms is a community center and cultural institution which is situated on more than 80 acres of land. The outdoor surrounding at Grace Farms helps to inspire increased communication, foster education, and understanding, garner preservation, and also gain a better understanding of nature. Grace Farms can be accessed by any individual from the public, and it is always open seven days a week. Sharon Prince is an executive at Grace Farms. As the president, she can oversee the various operations at the foundation.

At Grace Farms, people can engage in different activities such as fishing. They are also able to explore the lush nature at Grace Farms since there are large walking trails. During the summer period, Grace Farms offers scenic beauty that is admirable. Individuals from all walks of life are also encouraged to visit Grace Farms. People can also engage in pick-up games during the summer period. At Grace Farms, you can also glance at the scenic beauty of the New England Fall. People can also view fall foliage at Grace Farms.

When visiting Grace Farms, visitors also have the opportunity to take casual photos while also taking a scenic walk that allows them to familiarize with nature. Grace Farms has also been providing guided tours and people can make different observations. During the winter period, the topography is also breathtaking. Visitors can also take part in animal tracking activities during the winter period.

Although birds migrate during winter, people can get a chance to see the owls and hawks since they are still active despite the cold weather experienced during winter. The bird watching experience is intriguing. Grace Farms has also focused on restoring the land to its initial condition. Sharon Prince is also making sure that the indigenous wildlife is taken care of accordingly. By enriching the habitat, Sharon Prince is confident that Grace Farms will be unique and it will attract more visitors.

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