Shiraz Boghani Was Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Many people are already familiar with the name Shiraz Boghani. In 2016 he received the Asian Business Award, he is the Chairman of a hospitality group in the United Kingdom with an amazing rate of growth called the Splendid Hospitality Group and he is a successful hotelier. Shiraz Boghani also owns a hotel chain encompassing everything from the most luxurious to the budget friendly. The lineup of hotels is prominent and includes many notable top hotel brands.

Shiraz Boghani believes in diversifying his business interests. For this reason he helped found Sussex Health Care despite the business model being completely different from that of the hotel industry. His input has made the health group based in New England extremely successful. The mission of Sussex Health Care is to provide the highest possible care for the elderly. The business also provides specialist care of individuals with learning or physical disabilities.

Sussex Health Care has become financially successful in addition to earning the ISO 9000:2000 international standard. This is the representation of a very important milestone for both the company and Shiraz Boghani. This is an international standard created to measure several of the key areas of a business. This includes the standards of service, the quality of goods available for purchase by consumers, reliability and safety. Sussex Health Care has done well in all of these areas.

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The way Shiraz Boghani designed Sussex Health Care immediately made the company unique. His expertise and knowledge is responsible for the company becoming ISO certified. This is because he ensured the company would provide only the best possible care to their patients. This required an investment in specialized facilities and equipment and ensuring the staff receives continual training.

Sussex Health Care provides exceptional palliative care but they have built a reputation for providing the best know neurological care for individuals afflicted with neurological diseases such as dementia. Shiraz Boghani takes the training of the staff very seriously. This is why Sussex Health Care developed partnerships with several colleges. This enables them to institute and develop numerous educational programs to help their staff provide patients with the best possible service.

Shiraz Boghani immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. He went to work for KMPG as an accountant. The firm was part of a professional global network providing clients with audit, tax and advisory services. During the 1980’s he realized he was meant to be an entrepreneur. His path was successful because he helped found Sussex Health Care in 1985. He then founded the Splendid Hospitality Group roughly one year later. Despite his success in the world of business Shiraz Boghani makes a point of giving back to his community as a National Council member for the Ismaili Community.