Paul Mampilly is a financial advisor who has helped prospective investors to make smart decisions about investing and utilizing the available resources to try and make the best of an investment opportunity. Paul Mampilly has advised investors to manipulate innovative trends that could help the investor to be a step ahead in the financial field. He has also emphasized the importance of seizing an opportunity before it becomes too late. For instance, he gave an example regarding people who made investments some time ago in cell phone manufacturing. These people are reaping big profits right now. Paul Mampilly used this example to explain why raising trends such as electric cars should be a field of interest for people willing to make investments that could turn out to be successful in future. He explained that with time, more and more people are going to choose to own an electric vehicle as opposed to a vehicle that uses petroleum fuels.

Paul Mampilly touched on making investments in precision medicine. This form of medicine involves using genetic testing to diagnose for the presence of ailments such as cancer. The physician is able to make comparisons between the normal DNA of a person and information about genes from a comprehensive database. This will make treatment easier as the diagnosis will be very precise. Paul advises people to make investments in companies related to genetic testing.

Paul goes on to advice people willing to make smart investments to keep their eye on food delivery systems. This is because with time people will want to eat healthy foods but they won’t be able to access restaurants that offer such services. Food delivery will thus take over as it will make it easier for the consumer while still working in their best interest.

These and other investment advice, given by Mampilly can be found in the publications that he makes on his portfolio for people to read. People who subscribe to his publication buy stocks using their own brokerage accounts. Most of them have had success in the endeavors, showing the success rate of Paul Mampilly.