Steve Lesnar On How To Market Products Digitally

Marketing today is completely different from most traditional marketing that was initially taught in colleges and universities in the 80’s, 90’s, and even the early 2000s. The marketing strategies that are in place today took a long time for some of the big retail stores to adapt to. They were reluctant to adapt in many ways due to not knowing how to properly navigate transitioning from the strategies of the past to what is now termed the digital age. In order to be successful nowadays, one must be clear on new business practices that will continue to increase revenue in a most competitive business environment especially when young startups are a constant threat. Once one is clear on the products and services to be offered, the marketing platform is now more key than ever.

Steve Lesnard suggests two clear ways in which one can excel during this day of marketing products. One of which is to keep the message simple in a manner of which the consumer will remember it. In other words, it Is extremely important to express to the buyer the product benefits, but this is not enough. Understanding that competitors are always trying to present a product that will increase their market share, it is incumbent upon one to present how your product has innovated to be considered better. This message must be done clearly and in a simplified manner.

The second way is to make it realistic. In other words, it must be clearly realized by the consumer as to how the benefits of the product to be purchased would be utilized in a fashion that the consumer can not do without. Steve Lesnard suggests that the consumer must be energized by the product in a way that it brings excitement to the overall use of the product. One has to identify with the product as a must have, if not, the strategy would yield meager results.

It is clear that the marketing strategies of today must consider simplicity and be identifiable as a must have. Steve Lesnard’s strategies accomplish this.