Steve Lesnard Highlights the Value of Digital Marketing in Leveraging Products

It’s true that we live in an interesting era where technology has taken over almost every activity in the consumer industry. Among the leading effects, technology has had a digital wave that has influenced the growth and development of various products. As such, digital marketing is a strategy often used to enhance brand appearance and presence in the market.

Steve Lesnard, an excellent marketing professional in the digital world, has been imploring business professionals to execute digital marketing appropriately for them to be in a position to leverage products to their customers. Lesnard adds that brands should consider putting clients first before anything. As such, their needs should be at the heart of the leading marketing strategy.

Companies involved in marketing need to highlight the benefits of their products to consumers for them to purchase. If these marketing strategies aren’t leveraged correctly, they will end up interfering with the growth of the brands. As such, it’s vital to consider putting the needs of a consumer before the profit-generating strategy.

To start with, he asks companies to keep it simple when it comes to digital marketing. Steve Lesnard understands that this is going to sound easy. However, he also knows that it is not as simple. Over the years, he’s been asking brands to focus on their communication strategies and channels. They need to go with the innovative aspects of what they are producing. One of the best examples he uses is the Apple iPod, where he says that the brand captures essential moments in the life of its consumers by providing approximately 10,000 songs in their pocket.

On the other side, other products in the same category have been concentrating on their product’s advancements. Apple, therefore, took a different direction by delving into the benefits of its products to users. By focusing on what they can provide to clients, the company has attracted and retained more consumers.

Steve Lesnard’s career started more than two decades ago. He first served at Global Sports Marketing. He also worked at Footwear as the project manager. He signed several contracts within the organizations prior to serving the Canadian snowboard.