Stratford Shields Turns Dust into Gold

Did you know? Michael Lewis’ book, Liar’s Poker was written 30 years ago. Yet this book is still relevant today and it is one of those books which Stratford Shields would recommend for anyone to read. There is a lot about Stratford Shields which many people don’t know.

This is why this article is coming through to recap briefly what has been gathered about him by a good number of journalists in the past. On the hot seat, this is what Stratford Shields has to say to us about his professional perspective. We are going to get full disclosure from the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets.

The best place to begin with so as to get a full story is from Stratford Shields’ school days. Little is known but we can obtain that MD Stratford Shields has a B.A. in History from Ohio State University and an MA in Political Science. Stratford Shields also has an MBA from Columbia University.

Politics is never too far out in the possibilities for Stratford Shields seeing as to he graduated with an MA in Political Science. In short, all am trying to say is he has been involved with the government. Just before joining Loop Capital Markets, Stratford Shields was working inside the government in two positions.

Firstly, he was President of the State Controlling Board and later Deputy Director of the Ohio Office of Management and Budget. Afterward, he went his way as a private citizen and became a public finance banker. He has served in this capacity in two major Wall Street firms which include Morgan Stanley for a period of 5 years.

Stratford Shields shares with us that he believes in dialogue as an underlying principle of his character. In order to get a deal, you must play your cards well and know exactly when to level in on a customer. For him, this is the magic trick!