Stream Energy Cares for Houston

Given how vicious Hurricane Harvey was for the city of Houston, many of the residents had to endure some difficult times when they lost their homes, pets, loved ones and some of them even got lost in the disaster themselves. Right when all hope seemed lost, Stream Energy, an energy company based in Dallas, volunteered to be one of the first companies to dedicate their efforts to those devastated by the hurricane.

Naturally, Stream Energy has done plenty of work with philanthropy. To reach a wider amount of people with their altruism, they created a branch of their business in the form of a foundation known as Stream Cares. For more than 12 years, Stream Cares has worked throughout Texas and the country in order to show their charity and goodwill to many residents in need. In the case of Hurricane Harvey, various companies in the vein of Stream Cares have the chance to give back.

Businesses don’t usually create a branch for the sole purpose of serving people through philanthropy. However, even with tackling a new thing like this, taking care of the needs of communities can not only gain trust but customers as well.

Normally, corporations do charitable works to win favor from the public in the midst of a scandal or a PR nightmare that could drown the company in shame. Though many American businesses are known to be altruistic, Stream Energy gives back to many communities near them as they work alongside Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross. Not to mention, employees and managers use their time and effort towards grassroots.

Stream Energy takes the focus off the company itself and places it on the community and those who work to help it. That is how Stream Cares makes it known that they are dedicated to righteous causes more than revenue.