Talkspace CEO Oren Frank: A Service for the 99%

As the co-founder and CEO of one the world’s leading online therapy services (Talkspace), Oren Frank has undoubtedly changed the way who and how people receive therapy. Along with his wife Roni, Oren Frank has created a platform where users can seek help for their issues via an application which not only can be tailored to their desire but also comes at an affordable price compared to the traditional walk-in. Today, Oren Frank continues to bring awareness for mental health through his blogs and a variety of books on the topic. We recently sat down with Oren Frank to discuss further Talkspace and other aspects of his life.

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What is the barrier of entry for this type of service?

Oren Frank states that unfortunately the first barrier which is stigma still very much exists in this country. People are often ashamed for even wanting help in the first place. Oren Frank adds that another barrier facing individuals is the affordability of the service. One can go to the upper west side and come out with a therapy bill that ranges at 300 or 400 dollars an hour. Lastly, it is actually making the time for a session. Therapist all over the world are booked for weeks, some people simply don’t have that much time, says Oren Frank.

Over 70% of your users have never had therapy, and you’re proud of that why?

Oren Frank explains that the goal for the service has always been to provide “Therapy for All.” He adds that he and everyone who works for Talkspace loves therapy and the things it can help create. Lastly, the service (Talkspace) was made in this case for the 99% instead of the 1%, says Oren Frank.

Were there any issues at launch?

We only had a few issues during the launch, mostly from the therapist themselves as they have traditionally been a very conservative group, says Oren Frank. Frank adds that this was to be expected as therapy has simply not changed that much in the past 50 years.

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