The Art of Staying Busy: Ryan Seacrest Has It Mastered

Ryan Seacrest has a drive that can be admired. He does a lot, from hosting television and radio shows to designing fashion and donating time and resources to philanthropic efforts; Seacrest has a unique talent. There is only one Ryan Seacrest after all, so he makes sure to rise early in the morning to work out, preparing for the busy schedule with a healthy practice. 


A Household Name

Ryan Seacrest started to become recognized in households around the world as a host of American Idol. Several changes have come and gone since the show’s inception, but one thing has remained the same: Seacrest’s involvement. He has brought the singing competition to millions of viewers’ homes to share something special professionally. 


Seacrest was showcasing his talents long before starting at American Idol. Ryan Seacrest spent the first two decades of his life in Georgia before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a radio career. Inspired by those like Casey Kasem and Rick Dees, Seacrest initially started an afternoon drive home radio program. His syndicated radio program, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, started where the other left off (Instagram). 


Ryan continues to hold a radio presence today with that show and as host of American Top 40, which he took over in the mid-2000s from his hero, Mr. Kasem. 

Ryan has a voice for the radio and for television with the programs he hosts. Ryan became the co-host of Live with Kelly & Ryan in 2017 when former co-host, Michael Strahan, departed. Spending his time between New York City and Los Angeles, Seacrest knows how to show off his talents. Perhaps this is part of the reason Ryan Seacrest started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. 


The non-profit is dedicated to inspiring the youth of today through entertainment and education focused initiatives. When he isn’t hosting programs or helping out around the community, Ryan Seacrest designs fashion. With Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polished, men can dress and feel the part with fashion and skin-care. Ryan does it all and makes sure he provides the energy to entertain the masses. 

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