The Contributions of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an exact definition of an advocate of the press freedom. He is a son of a construction worker who moved from states to states in search of job opportunities. Lacey attended school in the 1960s in Arizona before dropping out of college to venture into publishing.

After dropping out of college together with his colleague Laking, they started the Phoenix News Times which main aim was to cover the campus antiwar protest that was not adequately covered by the other established publishers. Since the establishment of the Phoenix News Times, Lacey and Jim Lakin address issues affecting the society such as governance, racialism, and political issues. As a result of the New Times experience popularity amongst its audience, the authority has always trailed the two individuals.

Recently, both newspapermen Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have arrested a move that majority perceive as an approach to silence the freedom of media. The arrest of newspaper Michael Lacey could not be at a worse time than now when he was preparing to celebrate his marriage.

Lacey was supposed to celebrate his marriage on Saturday at his Paradise Valley home but instead spend the weekend in federal detention. He was arrested by a legion of law enforcers who were acting on a sealed federal indictment. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikepedia

The manner the raid was conducted resembles the way a manhunt for a terrorist or drug kingpin. Eyewitnesses narrate how FBI swooped down on the Laceys house while they were preparing for their wedding.Jim Larkin was also not spared, and the FBI also raided his Paradise Valley home in Sedona.The two individuals successfully ran a prominent publishing firm the Pheonix News-Times in the 1970s.

The two individuals sold the Village Voice Media in the year 2012 but retained the online giant that was a separate enterprise from VVM. In the process of raiding the Lacey and Larkin Backpage Friday was also affected. The company has continuously been fighting allegations that it is “an online brothel” that facilitate sex trafficking.

Thus as a result of the allegations, Lacey and Larkin sold their interest in the firm to the CEO Carl Ferrer back in 2015. The main reason for the arrest of Jim Larkin” and “Michael Lacey is attributed to the role Front Page Confidential is playing in informing the public about First Amendment issues. The main aim of the government arresting the two founders of FrontPage Confidential is to discourage the press freedom in the modern age.

Notably, it is not the first time when Lacey and Larkin have been arrested, and back in the days, they were in and out of federal jail. For instance, there was a time when they were arrested by Arpaio who was a feared Arizona police chief.

As a result of the article published by the Phoenix New Times dumbed “American Toughest Sheriff” the two editors were arrested and presented to a court of law. Some of the issues the article covered included the deplorable living conditions in the jail, the mistreatment and the death of the jail inmates. Besides, the report detailed the Arpaio’s systematic persecution, racial profiling and unconstitutional detaining of Latinos.