The Entrepreneurial Life of Todd Lubar

To become a successful person in the society, you must begin somewhere and build yourself slowly as time goes by. The most important thing is to record growth and progress. This is the life that Todd Lubar has practiced since finishing college. Todd has managed to establish himself to become one of the most respected persons in the real estate industry. He ventured into this industry in the year 1995, and it became as clear as day to him to that he wanted to pursue a career in real estate. He also has some passion for the finance industry as the two go hand in hand.

According to Hackronym, his journey began at a firm called Crestar Mortgage Corporation located in Maryland. One thing about Todd Lubar is that he has an open mind that is always ready to learn. During his time at the Crestar Corporation, he learned important skills in conservative mortgage banking. It’s during this time that he managed to create a network for himself that consisted of real estate agents, financial planners, contractors and insurance agents. He required these people later on in life if he was to establish a firm of his own. Four years later, Todd Lubar got an opportunity with a company called Legacy Financial Group, and he seized the opportunity. Visit Todd on facebook.

The new opportunity was advantageous to him as he was able to access more loans. This meant that he acquired the skills of a mortgage banker. Later on, he got tired of working for other people and opened a firm of his own called Legendries Properties and focused on real estate. He decided to focus on buying property, rehabilitation and reselling the property. This proved to be a good venture as he was able to conduct over 200 transactions. These deals made him qualify for credit as he was afforded a credit of $ 20 million by one bank.

Having made a name for himself in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar decided to diversify and opened a financial company called Charter Funding. Later on, Todd Lubar decided to focus on nightclubs and demolition. He owns several ventures in these lines.

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