The Exclusive Copa Star

Imagine an exclusive, differentiated and comfort hospital compatible with a 5-star hotel, with privileged location, architecture and decoration. Add a select group of people trained in personalized service, efficiency, safety, agility and, mainly, dedicated to your health, to promote an experience that exceeds your expectations. Welcome to Copa Star, the option of those who want the best in services, technology and professionals that medicine can offer.

Just image a hospital that seems like a five-star resort hotel. Just looking at the building gives a sign of luxury and care, friendliness and exclusive clientele. The staffs are trained in personal service. Also trained in safety and dedicated to the health of their clients, this hospital is called Copa Star, and it is on the Copa Cabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When you first walk through the doors, you realized that this is not an ordinary hospital. This is a beautiful, fully operative luxury hospital. The first thing you notice is that there are no long rows of seats in the lobby, as in other hospitals. There are overstuffed, luxurious sofas and seats for the guests. The lobby also features and grand piano and artwork by the world-renowned Japanese artist, Yakuta Toyota.


Each room is not simply a patient’s room; it is a suite of rooms. The patient can control the lighting, the drapes, and the temperature through an iPad. He can use the device to contact staff, a nurse, and even the doctor can use the device to carry on a live video conference, with videos of the latest diagnostics, right on the iPad.

The hotel restaurant is not a cafeteria style set up. It is a luxury five-star restaurant designed by a world-renowned chef. Cafeteria food is not served at this establishment.

Intensive Care patients are given the remote control to a large video screen in their rooms. The screen streams live video from the world around the: the street below, the hospital corridors, and even the goings-on at the beach. This is to alleviate the feeling of isolation once experiences while in ICU.

The hospital hosts nine operating rooms. Each is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art robotic equipment, and even the testing equipment is within reach of the doctor, so that tests can be conducted while the operation is still active.

The Hospital Copa Star is the brain child of the director of D’Or, Jorge Moll. The company owns and operates a number of hospitals throughout Brazil, and they plan to open at least two more hospitals like the Copa Star, one in Brasilia and one in Sao Paulo.

Designed to use half the energy of other comparably sized hospitals, there is not presently any other hospital like the Copa Star. Visit the site to know more.

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