The Future Of Gump’s


Gump’s is a family owned business who has been around for quite some time. They have worked in the business world for so long that they now know all the tricks and trades of the game of business. Things have not always gone well for Gump’s though. There was a point in time where they had to file for bankruptcy to help them get out of a hole that they were in.

Gump’s was first started in the 1800’s. It started out as a very small shop, but quickly grew into a huge money making opportunity. They began to sell things like jewelry, furniture, art, and much more. Gump’s hoped that this would bring better things to their store.

In the 1900’s the building where Gump’s originated from burned to the ground. They were forced to relocate the business to a different location in Union Square. Gump’s then became well known for the statue of Buddha that stood in the center of their store. Everyone wanted to shop at Gump’s including President Franklin D Roosevelt.

The well-known Gumps, based in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY will once again offer items for sale from famous designers such as Hermes and Buccellati.

The owner of Gump’s decided that he should take the Buddha statue out of the middle of the store and replace it with a 3D replica so that the original statue could be preserved. Eventually though he came to learn that the statue would end up selling for a lot of money and let it go for around four million dollars. Refer to This Article for more information.

Gump’s is growing everyday and getting more customers. They have high hopes for the future of the store and cannot wait to see where the future will take them. Gump’s has a very bright future ahead of them. There is no telling how far they will make it.


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