The Heart Of Bob Reina Is Rivaled Only By His Desire To Help People Succeed

When Bob Reina created Talk Fusion he had a vision. He wanted to help individuals become extraordinary instead of average. This vision represents the core of the company in everything they do. When Bob Reina realized just how big video was going to become, he referred to this knowledge as his ah-ha moment. He saw the potential power in combining email and video to revolutionize communications. The killer strategy he used transformed his life, revolutionized communications, and structured his business model. He shared the opportunity, made additional income, and created a business with impact.


Bob Reina was originally a police officer, and did not begin direct selling on a full-time basis until 2004. The idea for Talk Fusion entered his mind while looking at a house in North Carolina. He wanted to send his mom a video of the property but was unable to do so. This led to him strategizing a way to use email to send videos, and inevitably led to Talk Fusion. He learned a lot while he worked for the police, and this knowledge was instrumental in the philosophy, innovation, culture, and forward thinking of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina attributes this to the success of the company.


Bob Reina has always had a great affinity towards pets. He remains active in the community, and gives back to local animal causes whenever possible. He hates hearing about an animal being euthanized or in pain because there were not enough funds. This led to his $1 million donation to the Tampa Humane Society a few years ago. In their entire 100-year history, this was their biggest donation. Bob Reina wanted to lower the costs of vet services so people could afford to get their pets shots, checkups, neuter and spay services, diagnostic tests, and so much more. According to Bob Reina, this was the best money he has ever spent because there is nothing like the unconditional love of a pet.


Bob Reina’s vision has not changed because his passion to help people has remained the same. This is the reason he joined the police force and created Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has become the truest definition of a success story.