The Innovation of Carsten Thiel


For many years Carsten Thiel has been changing the way people look at the pharmaceutical world. Thiel is considered an expert in both the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical world. He has developed a reputation as someone who puts the needs of patients above his own. He has held a number of leadership positions that have allowed him to move along to be a part of even bigger projects.

Carsten Thiel is a native of Germany. It is there that he got his first educational experience. Thiel put a great value on an Anglo-Saxon education. He spent time studying at the University of Bristol in the UK. It was there that Thiel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry.

He would soon go on to continue his education by getting his PhD from the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. During this time Carsten Thiel spent time studying the impact of protein on transition cells. This work would prove to be very valuable in his future work.

Carsten Thiel starting his working career by working at the prestigious Hoffman la-Roche. It was at this time that Carsten began to showcase his talents. He eventually worked his way up to being the company’s Communications and Product Manager.

As he continued to showcase his talents Thiel was given lots of responsibility within the company. Part of that responsibility was within the realm of scientific marketing, and market assessment. This experience would allow Thiel the opportunity to work with several groundbreaking projects.

He is most known for his work with Xenical, a weight loss product that achieved great success. He has prided himself on creating products that meet the immediate needs of his patients.

Thiel is a forward thinker that continues to look for ways to be innovative in his space.


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