The Interesting Story of How Frontera Fund was Established

Joe Arpaio is a former Sheriff with one of the most tainted reputation of his services. His leadership and service were corrupt with no knowledge of integrity or humanity. Joe inspired two individuals who loathed his method, but most of all believed in human rights and fairness.

Arpaio is a retired Sheriff who has been in Maricopa County for many years. He is a racist who was not even shy to attack a president. At one instance he questioned former president Obama’s citizenship.

Camps and prisons were overcrowded, and he did not care about them. Rumors have it that expecting mothers in these facilities gave birth while tied down to their beds. Due to lack of sufficient air, people suffocated and died. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

After his last term was over, Arpaio was charged with several counts in court, but the president pardoned him. He may be free and retired, but his departure will never erase memories of experience Michael, and Jim had with him.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were journalists who got an experience that shaped their entire career. As these two journalists did their work on reporting, they got Arpaio’s attention. This Sheriff was not happy with them because they were exposing the evils of his administration.

In this instance, Arpaio organized for their arrest. He claimed that they had divulged confidential information of an ongoing investigation. Michael and Jim were arrested from their homes and taken to jail.

The journalists were finally released after investigations concluding they had no case to answer. The release was after 24 hours of the public demanding their release. This tassel ended with a lawsuit of an unlawful arrest.

The grand jury ruled in favor of Michael and Jim. Maricopa County was compelled to pay the two a total of $3.75 million as compensation.

Michael and Jim never used this money for personal gain. Instead, they donated it to a foundation they both established. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has a mission of upholding civil rights, especially for the Latinos.

They have significantly suffered at the hands of Arpaio. Due to racism and corruption, Arpaio jailed Latin immigrants and kept them in deplorable jail conditions. Most of them died due to torture and poor living conditions. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The fund supports these immigrants and helps them to settle in the country. As journalists, Michael and Jim believe everyone should practice the First Amendment. People in power should not silence subjects because they do not like their opinions.

Arpaio fought hard to deprive people of their rights and freedoms. The fund is there to ensure that people, especially in Texas, will not suffer again.

Michael and Jim are no longer the journalists they were when they began. Today, their careers have taken a new path of activism and fighting for people’s rights.

This cause is noble, and the society appreciates it. Though the birth of their current direction was from a negative motivation, the end justifies the means. They are both happy to be a part of a good cause in life.